Ben Porat Hamsa Jewelry for Men with Blessings

Ben Porat Hamsa Jewelry for Men with Blessings

Ben Porat Hamsa Jewelry for Men with Blessings

0.7" X 0.5"

Product Description

One pendant – five blessings!

This intriguing pendant will attract attention wherever you go. It features five Hamsa-shaped sterling silver discs, each one individually hand-engraved. The top disc has a beautiful turquoise stone in a floral setting and around it is etched the words “Ben porat Yosef, ben porat alei ayin”, traditional words that endow the wearer with protection from the Evil Eye. The remaining four discs carry words from the powerful Priestly blessing that to this day, is recited in the Synagogue when the Priests bless the Congregation.

Additional info:
This man or woman necklace was designed and produced by Golan, a Yemenite Jew, living and working in Israel. He has dedicated his life to the study of Kabalah and to keeping alive the ancient Yemenite craft of jewelry skills. A chain of sterling silver in a choice of lengths is available for an additional fee.


SKU: GS-0007
Size: 0.7" X 0.5"
Artist: Golan Studio
Made in Israel
Includes 5 Hamsa pendants
Material: 925 Sterling Silver

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