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At aJudaica, we know that when you buy a piece of jewelry from Israel, you want to be sure that it truly Israeli. That is why we are honored to bring you the handwork of Golan, a devout Yemenite Jew who shuns mass production. In his small studio, he personally crafts and engraves every item, bringing to his work a profound knowledge of Kabbalah concepts and terminology. He works according to mystical stipulations, giving each item the appropriate prayer and blessing. Using mostly pure silver, he perpetuates the ancient silver craft that is part of the Yemenite tradition.

In the Golan Collection, you will find a selection of exquisite sterling silver Jewish pendants, engraved with Hebrew texts. For additional embellishment, some have gold and precious stone decorations. There are beloved motifs – the Star of David or Chai letters - forever associated with pride in Jewish identity. There are meaningful texts from the Bible or Prayer Book. You will also find pendants engraved with words of blessing. Hamsa pendants bring protection and ward off the Evil Eye.

Kabbalah students will adore the pendants engraved with Kabbalah texts or mystical letter combinations that give protection. You will find here a variety of Ana Bekoach and 72 Names pendants and a special pendant with a prayer of fertility and prosperity.

So, whether you wear a Golan Hebrew pendant because it looks good or because of religious convictions, we are sure it will bring you great pleasure and that you will want to wear it day after day.

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