Ana Bekoach Hamsa Pendant from Golan Studio

Ana Bekoach Hamsa Pendant from Golan Studio

Ana Bekoach Hamsa Pendant from Golan Studio

Diameter: 1.1" / 2.8 cm

Product Description

Kabalah blessings!

Hand-engraved on this pure silver pendant are the words “Anna Be’koach” and a mystical combination of letters from this ancient prayer - known for its profound mystical properties to bring positive changes. In the center is a pretty gold hamsa charm. Reverse the pendant and you will find engraved one of G-d’s mystical names together with the Shema prayer - an expression of the Jew’s belief that One G-d is the essence and source of the entire Creation.

Additional info:
This pendant will look gorgeous with one of the chains that are on offer as an additional item. It has been designed and produced by Golan of Golan Studio. Every item is hand-made and Golan, a Kabalah expert, does the writing of mystical words and prayers. You will appreciate the authenticity of every Golan item on our site.


SKU: GS-0060
Size: Diameter: 1.1" / 2.8 cm
Artist: Golan Studio
Materials: Sterling Silver
Hamsa in 14k gold
Made in Israel

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