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Decorative Car Mezuzah

Car Mezuzah cases are enjoying a surge of popularity. So, whether for your personal collection or as a gift, we offer you a lively selection featuring a full range of designs, colors, materials and prices.

Remember - a car Mezuzah is not a door Mezuzah. It does not contain a parchment scroll and there is no mitzvah to affix it to your car. However, it is a pleasing reminder of the Heavenly protection everyone needs, especially on the road. Present it to that new driver or to a friend setting out on a long trip. Whether you place it on the door, the dashboard or the window, it will add to the car’s décor and be an interesting conversation piece.

Browse through the selection and choose the car Mezuzah with the design that meets your fancy. They are decorated with Jewish symbols and carry Jewish themes. There is the traditional Star of David, the Hamsa, Hoshen or Tower of David. Many display the letter shin like a door Mezuzah. Others are colorful and richly decorated with Jewish motifs. We enjoyed the functional car mezuzah that doubles up as a key ring too.

Want a stylish car Mezuzah? Enjoy the selection of Israeli Judaica artist, Adi Sidler. They are elegantly cut from aluminum and come in five designs: a Star of David, Hamsa, peace doves, a Travelers Prayer extract and the words “derecho tzelachah” which means bon voyage. Choose the colors and shade that suits your car décor.

Don’t forget – a car Mezuzah is no substitute for reciting the Travelers Prayer and no substitute for safe responsible driving!

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