Jerusalem Mezuzah

"...If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem.." Enjoy this beautiful reminder of Jerusalem at all times in your home.

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Showing 1-32 out of 80 items

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Mezuzah Cases with Jerusalem design

More than a thousand years after the Temple was destroyed, the illustrious Jewish poet Jehudah Halevi expressed his deep yearning for Jerusalem with the words, “My heart is in the East although I am at the end of the West.”

Almost another thousand years have passed. Today, the yearning of the Jewish People for the Holy City is expressed in Jewish art and Judaica items. The Mezuzah, seen as soon as one enters the home, frequently incorporates a Jerusalem design. It is a beautiful way to express your loyalty to Israel and to keep alive memories of the Holy City.

Scroll through aJudaica’s Mezuzah cases and delight in the selection of Mezuzot that display a variety of Jerusalem themes with Jerusalem expressed either in words or as an image. You will also find here Mezuzah case with images of the Western Wall and the Tower of David. The materials used range from plastic to metal or silver plate.

An ever-popular favorite is Dorit Judaica’s Mezuzah cases depicting colorful images of Jerusalem’s pine trees, sand dunes and arched buildings. The Windmill, another Jerusalem landmark, is featured on Yealat Chen’s mazak metal Mezuzot. A colorful interlude is provided by her silver and gold Mezuzah case, adorned with colored stones. More elaborate designs feature Jerusalem themes on distinguished-looking silver plated metal. For those who prefer a no-fuss design, there are impressive gold and silver plated spiral shaped Mezuzah case.

Specifications accompany every Mezuzah illustration giving measurements and the length of the scroll to be inserted in the Mezuzah case and explaining how it is inserted. If you plan to attach it to an outside door where it will be exposed to climatic changes, we recommend that you check with our staff if the material is durable and weather-proof. We want your Mezuzah case to give you long life with the precious parchment inside remaining intact.

Whichever Jerusalem design Mezuzah case you choose from our site, it is a beautiful way for you to keep the memory of Jerusalem fresh in your heart and mind at all times.

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