Glass Mezuzah

With these elegant glass mezuzah covers, the mezuzah parchment can be viewed at all times, serving as a constant reminder of Gods protection.

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Showing 1-32 out of 34 items

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Glass Mezuzah Cases

The ancient art of glass making has been perfected by modern technology and today is used to produce exquisite items of Judaica. A glass Mezuzah case is a work of art that will beautify your home and bring honor to the cherished Mezuzah mitzvah. Ajudaica has an impressive selection of beautiful glass Mezuzah cases to delight the eye and heart. Each one is lovingly created by artists who combine expertise, inspiration and a passion for glass creativity.

The master glass artist in Israel is Itay Mager. Each one of his fused glass Mezuzah cases display a sheen and luminosity that inspire, elevate and bring joy to the home it decorates.

The Mezuzah cases of Friekmanndar, a glass artist of growing popularity, are a superb burst of color, exquisitely displaying mastery over light and shade. Whether you choose her single color theme or blend of colors, her Mezuzah case is certain to bring incredible beauty with protection and blessing to your home.

If you are looking for a prestigious luxurious Mezuzah case, there is nothing like an Agayof work of art. Combining aluminum and glass, his cylindrical scroll Mezuzah engraved with the Shema prayer will give a stunning finishing touch to your room décor.

Noted artist Shraga Landesman offers us striking glass Mezuzah cases combined with wood. His nostalgic pair of love birds make this the perfect gift for a newly married couple.

Caesarea Arts glass Mezuzah cases offer striking contemporary designs with crystal fronts that give you a view of the parchment scroll inside, bringing a touch of spirituality to your home.

Whichever glass Mezuzah case you choose from the aJudaica selection, it will enhance your home and bring you lots of compliments. We ask you to check the measurements and if you wish to affix it on an outer door please make sure that the material is durable. Our experienced office staff is always available if you have queries or want more information.

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