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These elegant silver plated Mezuzahs will add beauty and elegance to any room

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Showing 1-17 out of 17 items

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Silver Color Mezuzah Cases

Looking for an exclusive Mezuzah case that will bring beauty and blessing to the home? A gift that will be appreciated for its worth? Or, perhaps you want to give your Mezuzah cases a new look? Whatever the reason, you will relish browsing through the aJudaica selection of stunning silver plated Mezuzah cases. Each one is a work of art, chosen for its quality and beauty.

If you are a silver fan, you will love the sheen of the silver plate, especially those that are sleek and unadorned with an almost unbroken smooth front. Some are decorated with a touch of color, a Hoshen or other design at the base. Some incorporate a striking design of the Western Wall, Tower of David or Jerusalem on the silver background. You will find contemporary and traditional styles including some impressive low-cost elaborate frames.

Ajudaica shares the view of many of its customers – there is nothing like a silver plated Mezuzah case to fittingly fulfill the command to beautify Judaica items, making sure that they are attractive and take pride of place in the home. The Mezuzah case is the first item viewed when entering the home. So, it is especially important for it to be aesthetically pleasing.

See the extent of a Mezuzah’s protection from an anecdote related in the Talmud:

A king once gave a diamond to a Rabbi as an expression of appreciation. In return, the Rabbi presented the king with a Mezuzah scroll. The king was highly insulted with this apparently worthless item. The Rabbi quickly explained, “To protect the gift you gave me, I will need to hire guards. The gift I gave you needs no guards. On the contrary, it has the power to look after you and protect your home!”

Enjoy your silver-plated Mezuzah case!

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