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Showing 1-32 out of 65 items

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Small Mezuzah Cases

Travelling in the Far East or Europe or Asia? Want to know where you can find a fellow Jew? Just follow the doorposts. If you see a metal rectangular box affixed in the top area of the post, chances are that you have found a Jewish home. This time and tested method has brought Jews together in all part of the world.

Why should you attach a Mezuzah? Firstly, because it is a holy mitzvah that brings you constant ongoing merit. So, it is worth the effort. And, if you are already doing it, do it right. Make sure that the Mezuzah parchment carries an authentic Kashrut certificate by a recognized authority. You can purchase from aJudaica a 100% reliable parchment scroll.

Having purchased the Mezuzah scroll, you will want to enclose it in a case that is worthy of the precious item it holds and also enhances your home. Scroll through ajudaica’s selection of over 600 Mezuzah cases. You will surely find a case that meets your style, taste and budget. To make it simpler for you, we have divided them into categories; according to material (glass, pewter, silver, wood, metal and plastic), the design (Jerusalem, Hoshen, children) and the size (small or large).

If you have a narrow doorpost or if you simply fancy a small-size Mezuzah case, you will enjoy our colorful and attractive selection. Prices range from a budget $4 to $80. So, there is something to meet every budget. Many of the designs have Jewish themes - crowns, Menorahs, Jerusalem, Torah scrolls or Ten Commandments. Others like Agayof display a sleek no-frill design. Iris and Ester Shahaf entice us with their shimmering beads and Oriental themes. A feast for the eyes is the Mezuzah cases designed for children’s rooms.

Alongside every sample of a small Mezuzah on display, we specify the size of the Mezuzah scroll it can hold. Do not take a larger size and never try to push the scroll into the case. It may well invalidate it.

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