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In this section, You can find classic range of Metal Mezuzah cases that will appeal to all tastes whether modern or traditional.

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Showing 1-32 out of 88 items

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Metal Mezuzah Cases for Sale

Wherever there are Jews, you will find a Mezuzah on the doorpost. And wherever there is a Mezuzah parchment, there is a handsome Mezuzah case reflecting the great importance we attach to this Mitzvah.

Ajudaica invites you to enjoy the stroll as you scroll through our huge selection of metal Mezuzah cases. The variety is a feast for the eyes. Our artists live and work in Israel – another reason to use and enjoy their creative products. A Mezuzah case from the Holy Land will help to strengthen ties with our nation and its ancient traditions.

We offer a full range of sizes from miniature to giant-size Mezuzah cases, suitable for entrances or portals. The sky is the limit for colors - ranging from traditional dark colors to exciting pastel hues and blends. There are exclusive looking Mezuzahs adorned with Swarovski stones. Many are embellished with Biblical verses or blessings. Others are decorated with traditional Jewish symbols such as the pomegranate, Star of David, lion of Judah, Choshen and others. Almost all, are decorated with a “shin” “daled” and “Yud” – G-d’s name, a reminder of the Mezuzah’s sacred message. Jerusalem is never far from our thoughts – many Mezuzah cases display pictures of the Old City and the Kotel.

You will find a wide range of metals in the section displaying our mezuzah cases - silver or gold plated, antique-looking brass or the sleek cut of stainless steel. We, at aJudaica, take pride in presenting the products of many of Israel’s renowned Judaica artists. Their line of metal Mezuzah cases uniquely reflects their hallmark style.

Yealat Chen mezuzah cases breathe life and vitality with lively Jewish themes. We love the peek-a-boo and tree design, perfect for a children’s room. Dorit Judaica’s Mezuzah cases with their hand-added crystals are exquisite works of art, bringing beauty and delicate grace to the home. The sleek Agayof cases with their cool colors and minimalistic style are a winner every time.

For the more budget conscious, there are scores of impressive Mezuzah – various sizes, all made of quality metal. Many have striking designs and colors. You can attach identical Mezuzah cases on each doorpost in your home or vary the style and color with different Mezuzah cases that match the color theme or use of the room where it is affixed.

A mezuzah transforms a house to a home. It is an insurance guarantee for Divine protection, a reminder of the Divine in our lives and our commitment to elevate even within the privacy of the walls of our home. An aJudaica mezuzah case will always be attractive to bringing to the home beauty and spirituality and the best of modern art.

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