Pomegranate Decorations by Dorit

Pomegranate Blessing Wall Hangings by Israeli artist Dorit, Shepherd's Song, Aaronic Blessing Wall Hanging, Seven Species Pomegranate Wall Hanging.

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Showing 1-32 out of 75 items

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Dorit Judaica and Pomegranates

Think of beloved Israeli artist Dorit Judaica and immediately pomegranates comes to mind. In love with the fruit, it has become her hallmark. Over the years, she has used her creative skills to produce endless variations of this luscious handsome fruit, rich in history and symbolism. Mentioned specifically in the Bible, the pomegranate represents wisdom, bounty and purity and it is one of the Seven Species, the blessed products of Israel.

The Pomegranate Collection

Deeply connected to Jewish tradition and ancient texts, Dorit has designed a collection of stunning wall decorations using the pomegranate symbol to beautify and inject a note of spirituality into the home. Equally suitable for a living room or entrance hall, they will energize and bring joy to your walls.

The pomegranate shape with its royal crown is laser cut from stainless steel and the center is decorated with intricate circle of life designs incorporating a pomegranate theme embellished with gleaming Swarovski crystals. The colors offer a choice of majestic shades of gold, peach and blue. A small piece of colored cord from the crown will allow it to hang from any nail.

Pomegranate Texts

The striking feature of Dorit’s pomegranate wall decorations are the texts integrated into the design. You will find heartwarming Home Blessings in Hebrew and English. There are similar blessings for business plaques with the focus on prosperity. A popular Dorit Judaica theme is the peace prayer. Another pomegranate hanging features the eloquent Eishet Chayil tribute to the Jewish housewife and mother. A moving extract from the Yom Kippur liturgy of prayer expressed gratitude to G-d for His many kindnesses.

A Can’t Go Wrong Gift

A Dorit Judaica pomegranate wall decoration is a thoughtful “can’t go wrong” gift. Present it for any occasion – birthday, housewarming, engagement. It speaks of love, devotion and care. What better person to present it to than yourself!

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