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Unique Plaques in Hebrew by Dorit Judaica, Doctor's Prayer, Teacher's Blessing, Judaica Blessing home decoration.

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Showing 1-32 out of 49 items

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Dorit’s Wall Hanging Theme

Dorit Judaica’s creativity brings us now a collection of dynamic and striking wall decorations that convey her passion for Jewish tradition. In her loving hands, cold steel and strong durable canvas become awesome expressions of love for the Land of Israel, its People and its texts and prayers – ancient or modern.

The Collection

Scroll through her choice of magnificent Eishet Chayil wall hangings. Each one is a decorative work of art that will also make a meaningful presentation plaque, paying tribute to any First Lady - whether mother, grandmother or a precious aunt.

Enjoy the selection of Home or Business Blessings, with Hebrew or English text – many with pomegranate themes. There are elaborate Tablet-shaped impressive plaques or striking two or three window rectangle plaques.

There is a huge choice of magnificent individualized wall hangings with texts suited to teachers, physicians, judges or lawyers. You will also find the Asher Yotzar, Anna Bekoach, candle-lighting prayer, Priestly blessing, parents’ blessing to children – all attractively presented in timeless style making them perfect gifts.

Entering the world of children, Dorit presents us with a choice of colorful wall decorations that incorporate morning and night prayers. They will add style and charm and bring a touch of spirituality to any child’s room.

Dorit’s wall hangings also incorporates traditional well-knowns texts. There is the eloquent Ilan, Ilan, prayer of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk or expressions of gratitude to G-d for His kindness. Those who nostalgically recall Naomi Shemer, Israel’s unforgettable First Lady of Song, will enjoy Dorit’s contemporary-style plaques, commemorating her famous words, giving them substance and relevance.

A Dorit Judaica gift

Enjoy the visual delight of scrolling through the selection. Whichever Dorit Judaica wall hanging you choose, whether metal or canvas, it will do more than cover the wall. It strengthens ties to our heritage, awakens an appreciation for Jewish texts and extends meaningful blessings in a glorious harmony of color and design.

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