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Showing 1-8 out of 8 items

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Looking for a stylish inexpensive gift, consider a Dorit Judaica kitchen magnet. They make fantastic party favors, hostess gifts, expressions of friendship. Treat yourself to a few to decorate your fridge. They are functional and carry an eloquent Jewish message strengthening pride in Jewish identity. You can never have too many Dorit Judaica magnets!

Meet the "Magnets by Dorit" Collection

Dorit Judaica's magnets carry a message that is meaningful and speaks to the heart. With her characteristic attention to detail, each one is a work of art, skillfully expressing Jewish themes and texts in a rich array of colors and delicate designs. Using traditional and contemporary art techniques, she seamlessly weaves together Jewish themes and ancient and modern texts. "Magnets by Dorit" are an expression of her deep attachment to the Land of Israel, its people, traditions and ancient texts.

Scroll through and enjoy the variety. If you are looking for a take-home gift from Israel, you will love the Seven Species designs, displaying the agricultural products, blessed from Bible times. The Doves or Shalom magnets – are a reminder of Israel's greatest need - Peace. Other magnets display images of Old City Jerusalem – focal point of a Jew's prayers and yearning throughout the centuries.

On magnets measuring about 4" by 4", Dorit reproduces many of her hallmark traditional designs incorporating Hebrew scripts, biblical texts, prayers, blessings with of course, the ever-present pomegranate. For presenting to your First Lady, there is a colorful choice of magnets paying tribute to the Eishet Chayil; other quote verses from Psalms, Prayers of gratitude or other texts. You will find magnets with blessings for every occasion and magnets with the powerful sayings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev.

The Perfect Gift – to Give and Receive!

Tasteful and elegant, Dorit Judaica's magnets add a delightful Jewish touch to any kitchen and are the perfect solution to the question, "What should I give for a gift?"

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