Keychains by Dorit

Wood Judaica Keychains by Dorit, Traveler's Prayer Keychain, Oriental Wood Jewish keychain.

Key Rings Development

From the humble beginnings of pieces of wire, key chains today are sophisticated fashion items that are also valuable collectors’ items. The world record is a collection of over 40,000 key rings.

The Dorit Collection

Dorit Judaica’s charming key ring collection is unique in both design and text. In her inimitable style, each one eloquently expresses Jewish sentiments, traditional prayers and heartfelt blessings. On a delightful colorful background are the themes and styles that have made Dorit one of Israel’s most popular artists. The designs are printed on a sturdy aluminum disc attached to the key holder.

Take Your Pick

Stroll through the choice of keyrings. Each one features a compelling text integrated with delicate colors, floral decorations and pomegranate themes. A Mother’s Day gift is the pretty gold colored keyring with Eishet Chayil written in the center. Another features a “My daughter, blessed are you to G-d” text on a delicate floral background. Display your love of Israel with a Shalom or Jerusalem keyring. A group of key rings feature lifeline quotes from the writings of Reb Nachman mi’Breslev. There are also keyrings with words from Psalms, words of prayer and other great sayings from classical Jewish sources.

Dramatic keyrings are the single word designs featuring in Hebrew the words Health, Jerusalem or Peace. For anyone in doubt about the purpose, there is a key ring with the word “Keys” written in Hebrew bold letters. And of course, no collection is complete without a Hamsa design to ward off the Evil Eye.

Enjoy your Key Ring

Treat yourself to a Dorit Judaica key ring. They will keep your keys together and brighten up your day with a meaningful message. Their timeless beauty makes them the perfect accessory for your handbag. Beautiful ornaments, they are much-appreciated gifts – lovely presentations for a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Holiday, housewarming or hostess. Present them for party favors. A Dorit Judaica key ring is always a distinctive gift that is a pleasure to give and a pleasure to receive.

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