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A table sculpture is a free standing decoration that can be viewed on both sides - the perfect adornment for a coffee table, pedestal or corner shelf. Their advantage is that they can be moved around to suit your mood or the design of your room.

A table sculptures with a Jewish theme or Hebrew text enhances the home and radiates pride in your identity. The products of beloved Israeli artist – Dorit Judaica do just that. Each one is a visual delight, made from durable stainless steel and lavishly painted in vibrant cheerful colors. Their Jewish design features gives them a distinctive quality that you will find hard to resist.

Enjoy her engaging trio floral table sculptures. Each one features a colorful flower and vase inscribed with a one-word Hebrew blessings: Ahavah and Simchah and Shefah – Love and Joy and Bounty. You can buy each one separately or purchase the set – a magnificent gift to present to someone to whom you wish to extend special blessings.

If you are a Hamsa fan - the traditional hand image representing good luck, there is a decorative pair of Hamsa in Hebrew and English. The metal cutout design is adorned with flowers and birds. On one are the English words: Love, Health, Happiness and Success and on the other are the Hebrew words for Love, Happiness, Joy, Health and Prosperity.

Another free standing sculpture in Dorit's collection is the large size vase holding a bunch of colorful flowers. At the front of the vase is a distinctive circular mandala surrounded with blessings and good wishes in Hebrew.

The crowning creation of Dorit Judaica's table sculptures is her free standing pomegranate tree. Standing proudly on a circular base, it is laden with ripe fruit and on the pomegranates are engagingly written words of blessing. This will make a beautiful decoration for any home or office entrance – a great way to greet guests.

Another pomegranate tree sculpture laden with fruit is decorated with a magnificent plaque on which is written Hebrew words from the first Psalm asking for the strength of a strong tree and ending with the blessing "And may he succeed in all that he does."

Whichever table sculpture you choose, it will be a colorful addition to your home or that of a dear one. We adore them all and we hope that Dorit Judaica will expand this category with more creative table sculptures.

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