Bookmarks by Dorit

Give a Dorit Judaica Bookmark to your favorite bookworm, various Jewish themes on these small but perfect gifts, Song of Song Bookmarks, Travel Blessing Bookmark and more from Dorit Judaica.

Why a Bookmark?

Bookmarks are a low-cost gift, appropriate for any occasion. They make perfect party favors and are thoughtful expressions of appreciation to a friend, neighbor, hostess or anyone special in your life. They add a charming touch to any book gift. Treat yourself and enjoy using it regularly for your prayer, study or leisure book.

Dorit Judaica’s Collection

The Dorit Judaica touch, with her delicate designs, exquisite prints and hallmark themes, ha transformed the simple bookmark into a work of art. Colorful pleasing-to-the-eye designs are printed on a sturdy aluminum base. In her inimitable style, she weaves precious Biblical texts with exquisite floral and pomegranate themes. Each one conveys her love of Israel, the land and its People. A ribbon at the top makes for an easy hold. Each bookmark is individual packaged – ideal for gift presentation. .

Choosing your Bookmark

Dorit decorates many of her bookmarks with a popular theme - the Seven Species, blessed products of the Holy Land. Others display images of Jerusalem – never far from our thoughts. Her ever-popular text designs are expressed here with quotations from Song of Songs, prayers, and the Eishet Chayil tribute to the Jewish woman. You will find words of blessing together with words of Shalom-peace, highlighted with pretty doves. There are delightful pomegranate and flower themed bookmarks. A striking one is in a delightful feminine pink color, perfect for that special girl or for any women’s event. .

Why you Need a Bookmark

Bookmarks are a natural acquisition for the People of the Book. Have you ever been disturbed in the middle of your prayers or studies or whilst reading an exciting novel and later felt frustrated when you could not find the place you were up to? If so, you will want to keep a bookmark firmly attached to your current book. And if you enjoy and find it useful, share it as a gift for others too. .

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