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What's a Trivet?

A couple of hundreds years ago, trivets were tripod shaped, three legged structures, that held a heavy pot firmly on the fire. Today, tripods are plates of glass, metal or felt that are colorful and attractive as well as being highly functional.

Trivets by Dorit

"Trivets by Dorit's" charming collection is designed and produced in Israel by Dorit Judaica. They incorporate her beloved hallmark pomegranates in all sizes, shapes and colors. She never tires of them and neither does her worldwide family of admirers.

Glass Collection

Dorit's glass trivets are made of strong tempered glass that withstand heats and are easily wiped clean after use. Most are colored blue with luscious cherry red pomegranates weaving in and out of the design. They radiate cheerful energy and make a delightful kitchen decoration when not in use. A popular gift choice is the trivet with the words Shabbat Shalom in Hebrew in the center of a pretty floral decoration.

Felt Collection

Dorit has recently extended her trivet collection with a line of felt trivets. You can choose one with the word "hot" in Hebrew and English, or another with the words "Chamim ve-ta'im" meaning hot and tasty. A maroon felt trivet comes in the shape of a pomegranate filled with fruitful seeds. A change from the traditional square shape a delightful oval trivet with Shabbat written in Hebrew in the center. A stunning look for your dining table two of the trivets have matching felt table runners that come in two sizes.

A Gift for all Seasons

A trivet is a no-fail gift that you can be sure will be received with appreciation. It will be used either as a kitchen decoration or as protection for a delicate counter top, a handsome wooden table or a pretty tablecloth. It will always be enjoyed, enhancing and adding a note of beauty to the home.

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