Hamsa Hand by Esther Shahaf

The Wall Hanging Hamsas by Esther Shahaf have a twofold purpose, to bring good luck and ward off the evil eye and to significantly enhance your home decor! Unique and hand crafted, these oriental style Hamsas are stunning and unique.

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Showing 1-32 out of 49 items

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What is the Hamsa

The Hamsa is an ancient Oriental amulet, reputed to have special powers of protection from the Evil Eye. It also brings with it positive energy and provides good luck blessings. The word Hamsa is connected to the Hebrew word “Hamesh” - five, referring to the Five Books of Moshes. The Hamsa hand is also known as the Hand of Miriam. It was in the merit of Miriam, sister of Moses and Aharon, that the Jewish People were provided with water in the desert. So, her name came to be associated with blessing and protection. A fish design on Hamsa strengthens the protection since fish live in water, where they are immune to the powers of the Evil Eye. The usual display of the Hamsa is three extended fingers in the middle and a curved thumb or pinky finger on either side.

Today, in Israel and abroad, the Hamsa has become extremely popular and is widely used as an amulet for home decoration and for personal jewelry.

Ester Shahaf

Renowned Israeli artist Ester Shahaf invites you to decorate your home with one of her stunning Hamsa wall hangings. In her inimitable style, they all feature the traditional Hamsa hand but there the similarity ends. Each Hamsa has its own rich color theme and individual design decorated with gleaming stones.

Although Ester Shahaf was born and raised in Israel, she remains closely in touch with the cultural heritage her parents brought from Bulgaria. Dedicated to producing exquisite Judaica, her goal is to each item so attractive that it will be used and enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

The Hamsa Collection

A popular symbol of Ester Shahaf’s Hamsa decorations is the peace loving dove. In many of them, the thumb and pinky fingers form two doves that stand and stare in opposite directions heralding peace and goodwill to all.

Ester has embellished the center of the Hamsa hand with various decorative elements, flowers, fish, Star of David or simply a stunning assembly of gleaming stones forming a magnificent carpet of color and design.

An Ester Shahaf Hamsa

A Jewish home is not complete without a Hamsa decoration from Ester Shahaf. Scroll through the selection and indulge yourself or a dear one!

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