Shabbat Candlesticks by Esther Shahaf

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Candlesticks by Shahaf

History of Shabbat candle-lighting

The Jewish practice to welcome the holy Shabbat with lighting candles and reciting the blessing, goes back to the days of the Matriarch Sara, wife of Abraham. She kindled candles before Shabbat and miraculously, they remained burning the entire week. After her passing, the miracle ceased, to re-appear when Rebecca, wife of Isaac entered the tent.

The uniqueness of Shabbat candle-lighting

Ever since, lighting Shabbat candles has been the special privilege of the Jewish woman. When she waves her hands in front of the light and closes her eyes as she recited the blessing, the frenzied rush of weekday activities is replaced by an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. As an expression of love for this mitzvah and veneration for the holy Shabbat, effort has always been given to use candlesticks that are aesthetically pleasing, made from the finest quality.

Artist Ester Shahaf

Meet Ester Shahaf, a leading Israeli artist who has been designing and producing Judaica for over 15 years. Her goal- is that every Jew, even the non-observant, should enjoy displaying Judaica items in his home. “Shabbat candlesticks,” she says “are part of every Jewish home. I want to make candlesticks that he will be proud to own - and hopefully use”!

Her Candlestick Collection

Her candlesticks certainly meet this goal. Each one is a magnificent work of art, opulently decorated with colored metal elements and glowing crystals and Swarovski stones. You will find enamel crystal or, wood and pewter. The color combinations are stunning – oranges, turquoise shades, browns, silver and gold with a stunning black and white design.

To treat yourself, or a dear one, with a very special pair of candlesticks – a goblet shaped crystal stem with a gold thread filigree design enhanced with luminous Swarovski crystals and sparkling beads.

Esther Shahaf Candlesticks – Timeless Beauty

Since your Shabbat candlesticks will be used every week for a period of time and they may well become family heirlooms, it is important to choose a candlestick that has a timeless beauty that will always remain stylish and up-to-date. An Ester Shahaf candlestick is the perfect answer.

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