Necklaces by Esther Shahaf

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Showing 1-32 out of 124 items

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Necklaces by Shahaf

Jewish Jewelry

Do you want to bring positive energy into your life? Inject a touch of spirituality into your day? Then, it is time to scroll through the Ester Shahaf collection of Jewish necklaces. You will surely find one that suits your taste and style. Small in size but great in beauty, their delicate design and shimmering stones will bring you admiring glances.

Ester Shahaf

For the last 15 years Ester Shahaf has directed her prodigious talents to designing and producing Judaica items. Her rich and elaborate designs are embellished with metal elements and gleaming stones. Swarovski crystals give a luxurious finish. All her products are made in Israel, under her personal supervision, from start to finish.

The Collection

The most popular theme in the necklace collection is the Hamsa, the ancient Oriental symbol reputed bring good fortune and drive away the Evil Eye. Each Hamsa necklace displays a unique combination of colorful stones and metal elements.

If you prefer the beloved Star of David motif, you will find a huge choice with a variety of decorative elements in the center of the Star.

The heart, symbol of love, is always popular. A trendy heart necklace displays the heart hanging from the side.

You will find doves of peace and Menorahs pendants. There is also a choice of bejeweled Chai pendants and exquisite pomegranate necklaces.

For a luxurious look, consider a majestic ornate necklace lavishly decorated with gleaming stones. An elaborate design at the base shows off more stones and another hanging pendant. This comes in a stunning choice of colors.

Feel Good!

Ever since Bible times, women have been adorning themselves with jewelry that enhances clothing and flatters the appearance. A new piece of jewelry is also a wonderful pick-up, guaranteed to make every woman look and feel her best. So, indulge yourself or a dear one and add an Ester Shahaf pendant necklace to your jewelry collection.

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