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Jewish Survival

G-d promised us in the Bible that the Jewish nation will survive all its oppressors. Indeed, in spite of persecution and oppression through the centuries, the Jewish people has not only survived but flourished. One of the factors that has been an everlasting source of strength and inspiration is the weekly Shabbat and the Holidays (Chagim), scattered throughout the year. In addition to their deep spiritual message, they come with warm memorable traditions that deepen our connection to Jewish practice, Jewish values and the Jewish people.

The contribution of Judaica

Our nation’s love of Shabbat and the Jewish Festivals, passed on from generation to generation, is enhanced with Judaica items that beautify the rituals and make them venerated and beloved. Israeli artist Ester Shahaf is deeply attached to Jewish traditions and she has brought beauty to these special days with her rich Judaica designs.

Ester Shahaf

Ester is enormously creative, presenting endless variety of designs and arrangements. Every item is bedecked with a glorious selection of colored beads and metal accents together with glowing crystals. Her products pulsate with life. Her Shabbat and Holiday Collection are a magnificent display of visual beauty, displaying love and respect for these special days.

To welcome the Shabbat with Ester Shahaf candlesticks is to usher in the Shabbat with grace and beauty. For the Holidays, you will find in her Judaica collection beautiful items for Passover – magnificent Seder Plates that will surely become family heirlooms. For Chanukah, there are two bejeweled menorahs, embellished with beads, colorful metal accents and glowing crystals.

A genuine Made in Israel product

Ester Shahaf lives and works in the northern town of Binyamina where the rural background is a constant source of inspiration. All her products are made in her studio from start to finish. So, an Ester Shahaf item, is an authentic Made In Israel product made with loving caring hands.

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