Knitted Kippah

Choose from our varied collection of knitted kippot, solid colors or colorful designs, with the right size for everyone!

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Showing 1-32 out of 113 items

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Knitted Kippot Yarmulkes

Knitted Kippot are a beautiful way of expressing individuality. Some, like our beloved red watermelon Kippah (don't forget the green ring border!), or with your favorite soccer team's colors, to the classic plain or Star of David one. The IDF Israeli Army olive green Kippah is a most beloved item, great for that special young man! For a quieter look, the blue or white ones with a shaded border design are elegant and classic.

Kippot Knitted with high quality DMC thread

Once it was accepted that the Kippot made with this quality thread were suitable for anyone 40 years old and above. Now, the younger set can enjoy the comfort and beauty of these Kippot too, since they come in contemporary and youthful color combinations such as pink, orange, olive green and beige. Available in a range of sizes and styles, some come with a more restrained border design, and some have concentric circles in lively shades. Suitable for Shabbat, Holidays and festive occasions.

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