Terylene Kippah

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Terylene Kippah

There is a huge variety of styles, colors and fabrics available for Kippot. But the classic favorite remains the traditional black terylene Kippah. It is the Kippah you canít go wrong with!

A Kippah is also a beautiful way of identifying to which group you belong. Habbad Chassidim will adore our special Kippah displaying the traditional Habbad text around the border together with a picture of the world-famous 770 headquarters.

Why not display your support of Israel and its army with this IDF Kippah in the usual Khaki color and design. For those special occasions when a Kippah is a MUST, keep in your pocket our white terylene Kippah, enhanced with broidery on the edge.

A white satin Kippah is also especially appropriate for those special occasions that demand the respect of a Kippah. Ajudaica offers you a fine choice of pretty embroidery themes - a striking Star of David or an elegant Jerusalem design in gold or silver thread.

These Kippot are perfect for distributing at weddings, bar mitzvot or other occasions when you would like your guests to grace their heads with the traditional Jewish head covering Ė the Kippah.

When ordering, donít forget to check your Kippah measurement using our special chart. If you have any queries, call any time. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you.

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