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Purchased the 1st Shofar, because God gave me a vision and a word to sound the Shofar. I listened and ordered my first shofar. Before I received the Shofar, my pastor anointed me to blow the Shofar. I couldn’t wait to receive it. Once I finally got it I had to wait for God to tell me to blow it. I had to be obedient. The time came and after a couple blows, it sounded like I was calling God directly. Great item and I really like my Shofar. My experience purchasing this Shofar from aJudaica.com was nearly flawless. I found the perfect Shofar for me, so I ordered another one for my wife and had the same excellent experience. Thank you.
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ScottE B 7/2019

I would recommend them. Just one order was wrong but they took care of the issue right away. Every happy. Will tell other about it.
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Amigo 6/2019

Was recommended to me by my father who has previously purchased from aJudaica. The process was very straight forward and the selection was excellent. The order was delivered without delay and the prices were very reasonable fr the quality of the items
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danny 6/2019

Todah. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. I love my beautiful Shofar.

Linda R, USA 10/2018

Hi there.. I just want to let you know that my neighbor had it.. I appreciate it... and I love it my shofar y so beautiful.. . Thank you so much... God bless....

Esperanza Rodriguez, USA 9/2018

I thanks for you comprehension and customer service, I notice you that I recieve my shofar and I so happy for the order. I recommend your website for buy the qualified shofar. Thanky and God Bless You!.

Max G., USA 8/2017

Thank you sir for the fine gift you sent. It's absolutely beautiful and I will cherish it always. I pray that God blesses your life always. Keep going on this blessed talent that God has given you. My prayer's extend to you and your family.

Michael D., US 1/2017

I received the shofar today.It came with great quality and I am very pleased. Thank you and bless you. I will be ordering again in the future. You have another loyal customer. Blessings.

Keith F., USA 11/2016

My beautiful shofar arrived today. I am so pleased with it. It has a great sound and is pretty easy to blow. I am working on the high notes the mid range is good. Thanks for sending such a lovely horn and for your prompt service. Now i just have to practice!

Cantor Emilie C.,US. 9/2016

Just wanted to let you know that the shofar I ordered for my 7-year-old grandson arrived from Israel. It is gorgeous!!! I am thrilled with it. I hope that they tried it out in Israel (as you requested) to make sure it wasn't too difficult for him to blow. I cannot wait to give it to him. Thanks for your help

Judy M., USA 6/2016

I have recently received the above order for which I am most grateful. The product was delivered in a relatively short time from purchase (& over a Bank Holiday W/E), is in pristine condition & blows beautifully. My wife & I shall be making additional purchases from aJudaica & shall not hesitate to wholly recommend to friends your website / inet business for purchase of all things Israeli/Jewish.

Suzanne A., UK 5/2014

Thank you very much for your great help!!! The gift has arrived and it is GREAT! Beautiful work and sounds fantastic! We are really satisfied! Thank you again!

John H., Hungary 5/2014

Thank you for the wonderful shipment of ram's horn shofars. A few years ago we purchased a kudu shofar from you. When people hear the voice of that shofar, not only can they hear it but they say that they can feel it resonate within them! The children are practicing with the ram's horns even as I write. Blessings and Shalom,

David G, Iowa 8/2013

Today I received the package. Thank you for the speed and accuracy of shipment. Sincerely,

Alessio, Italy 3/2013

Thank you [ o._ o ] I'm very very happy to resive my shofar today 4 days after i ordered it. i live in california usa.

Mildreh 2/2013

Today we delivered the Shofars. Thank you, all of them are fine and their sound.are excellent.

Christopher R. Mexico 1/2013

The shofar is beautiful. Thank you so much for the great service. I will surely shop with you again.

Paula B., U.S. 12/2012

I received the shofar I ordered.... It is beautiful and the sound is absolutely amazing. So clear and precise.... Thank you so much.

Brian D., New Zealand 12/2012

You truly ARE wonderful! Thank you again for everything. Big HUGE blessings to you and all the staff. By the way, my little 8 year old boy wanted a turn on the shofar and he got a magnificent noise out of it straight away. Thank you again. SHALOM x x x and SHALOM x x x

Rebecca R. 11/2012

Received my Shofar today. Very happy with how it looks and how it plays. The cloth bag is well worth the purchase too.

Rusty M, CT USA 8/2012
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