Shofar Sale

Here you can find special deals on shofars, we have special sale offers. if you need large quantity, please contact us and we will give you wholesale price quote. We sell only quality shofars, test each one in the factory before shipping. The shofars are in stock and ready for delivery!

Showing 1-4 out of 4 items
Showing 1-4 out of 4 items

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Special discounted Yemenite Shofars

These items are available at discounted prices according to the shipments we receive. Since these are most popular items, we stock large amounts, and if we have beautiful shofars in bulk, we pass on the reduced price to you, offering these great discounts. Once the stock is sold, we remove it from the website. Take advantage of these greatly discounted prices! Our wholesale customers take advantage of these sales, since they have stores or businesses and sell many shofars monthly. The quality is our usual high level, we check each shofar here before shipping and test blow it for sound. Some customers prefer larger shofars since often they are easier to blow, and others like the smaller ones for easy handling. They also make stunning home decor, a really beautiful item to display prominently, with religious meaning and all the majesty of nature. These religious and ceremonial items are a joy to behold and to use!

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