Yemenite Shofars

The tones coming from a majestic Yemenite shofar are both powerful and pleading, evoking feelings of repentance and introspection. Our yemenite shofars are just plain beautiful, with their warm brown hues and gentle spirals, a pleasure to look at and listen to! The Rams Horn Shofar and Yemenite Shofar come in a natural or polished finish.

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Showing 1-24 out of 24 items

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Yemenite Shofar

The Jews in Yemen, without access to the traditional Shofar horn that was obtained from rams, used instead the horn of the kudu antelope found in South or East Africa. This long spiraling horn produces a deep warm resonating tone that will echo and re-echo wherever it is blown. It is not surprising that Yemenite Shofars are no longer restricted to Jews from Yemen. They are a popular purchase throughout the year with a peak before the Rosh Hashanah season.

Ajudaica offers you an impressive selection ranging in length from 24” to 48”. You will find a choice of polished, natural or half-half finish. Every Shofar is individually selected for appearance and sound quality. They are odor-free and have been thoroughly sterilized with a special process. Each one carries a Ministry of Health certificate that is internationally recognized. Of course, these Shofars are 100% kosher for ritual use and have been granted the appropriate Rabbinate certificate.

Ajudaica has years of experience and knowledge in this field; today, our staff are all expert Shofar blowers! So, aJudaica is the place to shop when you are looking for a Shofar – especially a Yemenite Shofar. Take your time. Buying a Shofar is an exciting experience. Allow yourself to feel the thrill as you examine each one in our selection. Call us if you have any questions or want assistance. We are here to help you make a satisfying choice. With your purchase comes our Shofar Guide that you will find to be helpful and informative.

As you scroll through the selection, you will surely stop for a moment to admire the breathtaking beauty of our luxurious hand painted Yemenite Shofars. Each one is a work of art, crafted by renowned artists, exquisitely decorated with a Jewish theme. Although they are not eligible for Jewish ritual shofar-blowing, they are collectors’ items that you will be proud to own and display. They make splendid gifts that will always impress and will be proudly displayed in any home or place of work.

A final point – Yemenite Shofars are a popular purchase for schools and teachers. Children are fascinated by the length, the spirals and the weight. One of our customers sent us a picture of his son holding the end of the Shofar whilst he was blowing it!

Whether you will be using it for holy or other purposes, a Yemenite Shofar will always captivate the senses. Its striking appearance and deep evocative sound is meaningful and soul-stirring. May it bring abundant blessings to you and your home.

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