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Showing 1-32 out of 103 items

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Hand Painted and decorated Yemenite and Ram's Horn Shofars

The shofars in this category are special connoisseur's items. Revel in the hand painted Yemenite Shofars, artistically rendered with minute detail and stunning colors, each one crafted with an individual message, with Biblical or Jerusalem themes. The artist is Irina Rabinovich and she applies her prodigious talent learnt in Siberia Russia. the Temple in jerusalem Shofar portrays in white and gold hues, the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, seemingly in light and fire, as it were. The Noah's Ark shofar majestically portrays wild animals in lifelike shades, showing a lifelike scene from the Bible. The popular Israeli artist Eretz lovingly encases the Shofars in harmonious colors and themes, sometimes further enhancing them with metal plates engraved with Jerusalem designs. The most popular is a pomegranate design in cream and maroon shades with touches of metallic gold color around the edges. These shofars are majestic conversation pieces and display expert craftmanship. The ethnic designs of Israel artist Eva Arbib are imaginative and unexpected, with her awesome combination of material, beads, tassels and more to create an innovative and distinctive Shofar style. The oriental colors and materials transform the items into truly distinctive works of art.

Shofars with sterling silver plate

These decorative Ram's Horn Shofar made for stunning display, as they are plated with sterling silver carbed with appropriate Judaica designs such as Jerusalem and Star of David. The silver plate is of excellent quality, and can be touched up with silver polish if necessary. They are favorites with collectors and connoisseurs who enjoy displaying them prominently as a religious and spiritual enhancement to the house decor.

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