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The shofar bag, or shofar pouch is designed to protect your shofar from scratches and falls, in addition to beautifying and enhancing your shofar.

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Showing 1-18 out of 18 items

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Shofar bags, odor neutralizer spray and accessories

Congratulations! You have acquired a magnificent Shofar that you will treasure whether it is used for blowing or display. Like any valuable item, you will want to protect it especially when it is moved from place to place. We recommend our attractive velvet Shofar pouches. They come in various sizes so you can choose the length that suits your Shofar.

Artist Yair Emanuel has decorated his pouches with colorful images of Jerusalem. Others feature a Shofar design on blue or navy velvet. An added feature - the pouch displaying a Biblical has a pocket to insert a Prayer Book. Other pouches have a strap so you can even sling it on your shoulder!

Whichever pouch you choose, it will be a fitting expression of your respect for the Shofar and all that it represents.

(If you are interested in a stand to display your Shofar, we recommend that you turn to our Shofar Stands category.)

Although before leaving our warehouse, every Shofar is thoroughly checked to ensure that it is odor free, there may be a telltale trace of a smell which you will want to eliminate. So, you can try our Shofar Odor Neutralizer Spray. It is sweetly scented and non-toxic and can be used freely.

Young children want to imitate adults. So, present them with the brightly-colored toy Shofar with “Shanah Tovah” written down the side in Hebrew. It is recommended for teachers and is a lovely incentive gift for young ones. Be prepared for the noise!

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