Gifts by Adi Sidler

Whimsical designs and sleek contemporary shapes define these Adi Sidler creations such as Travelling Candlesticks and Tzedaka Boxes.

Various Gifts by Adi Sidler

A Special Gift!

Your don’t have to wait for a special occasion to present a gift to someone special. Whether it is an obligation or a friendship gift, we recommend an Adi Sidler Judaica item. It will be appreciated by anyone appreciates Judaica items that are up-to-date in style and appearance.

Who is Adi Sidler?

Adi Sidler is a leading Israeli Judaica artist whose life mission is to create contemporary style visually attractive Judaica items. His exclusive products, made from top quality metals, are sought after Judaica items. His style is characterized by sharp clean lines and a minimalistic style using anodized aluminum.

Gift Suggestions

A pair of compact travelling candlesticks is a functional gift that will always come to use. The two designs come in a choice of attractive colors.

Consider the gift of a sleek modern style charity box. They are offered in a choice of colors – the perfect gift for any Jewish home that values the traditional Jewish reputation for philanthropy.

For a Bar Mitzvah or a senior member of the family, we recommend the gift of contemporary style aluminum Torah Pointer. The sleek unadorned style has a distinctive beauty of its own.

An attractive wall Hamsa will extend your blessings to a young blessing or a new home. This comes in a gold or blue color theme.

A final option are Adi Sidler's innovative wash cups (natla). Gleaming modern colors show off the unusual design featuring the sleek base, the upturned handles and the two-tone colors. They will look perfect in a contemporary kitchen décor.


A gift can be given for a birthday, an anniversary, a Holiday or just because you want to give a gift. A gift draws people together and connects. Remember: "It isn’t the size of the gift that is important but the size of the heart that gives it!"

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