Chanukah by Adi Sidler

These ultra contemporary Chanukah items by Adi Sidler have a smooth modern look in stylish colors, combining tradition with sleek style.

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Showing 1-32 out of 114 items

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Chanukah items by Adi Sidler

Menorah Styles

Today, you will find an endless variety of Menorahs on the market – every size and style, many of them uniquely beautiful, created by well-known artists. Scroll through the many hundreds of Menorahs displayed on our website. There is something for every taste and pocket.

Artist Adi Sidler

Meet Adi Sidler, a renowned Israeli Judaica artist. After graduating with honors from Bezalel Academy, he embarked on a career of designing Judaica. His goal is to create religious items that will please the contemporary Jew – sleek clean styles with minimalistic design in striking metallic color combinations - appropriate for the life style of the Jew in today's modern world.

Chanukah with Adi Sidler

To bring fun and joy to your Chanukah Festival, especially for those who travel or are space conscious, Adi has designed an ingenious pocket Menorah – an anodized aluminum narrow rod with eight candle holders and a sliding top that can be adjusted each evening. Alternatively, for a fun Menorah, consider Adi's kinetic Menorah – colorful rods that can be moved in all directions or removed and placed one on top of the other. When not in use, it is a delightful toy.

Chanukah celebration would not be complete without a dreidel. Here too we enjoy Adi Sidler's creativity and innovative style. There are kinetic, coil, double flower, square and other interesting and original dreidel designs. The prize goes to the splendid looking magnetic dreidel set that comes with a stand so it will be a prestigious year-round display item.

The Menorah Symbol

Whichever Menorah or dreidel you choose from the Sidler collection, you will be celebrating a traditional Chanukah, continuing the Menorah lighting ritual - an integral feature of the Festival. We wish you a Happy Chanukah and hope that your Sidler menorah and dreidel will represent to you and your dear ones an enduring symbol of hope, strength and faith.

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