Mezuzah by Adi Sidler

Enjoy these modernistic Adi Sidler Mezuzah cases with clean, sleek lines and fine workmanship to match every decor and style.

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Showing 1-32 out of 146 items

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Mezuzah Case by Adi Sidler

What Is A Mezuzah Case?

A mezuzah is the holy parchment on which a G-d fearing scribe has written the Shema prayer. To protect the delicate scroll, it is rolled and inserted into a Mezuzah case which is attached to the doorposts of the home. Many of these cases have become works of Judaic art, reflecting the taste and life style of the one who buys it!

Who is Adi Sidler?

This young artist, at the forefront of modern Israeli Judaica design, is committed to creating ritual items that are attractive and functional for the modern Jew who seeks Judaica objects that are traditional but expressed in a contemporary style. The success of Adi Sidler can be gauged from his growing popularity in Israel and abroad.

His Mezuzah Collection

Scroll through the aJudaica choice of Adi Sidler Mezuzah Cases and enjoy the sleek and modern designs produced in top quality anodized aluminum, designed in the minimalistic style which is perfect for modern interior design. All come in a choice of sizes and distinctive colors that will match your décor or color scheme.

Scroll through the Mezuzah cases with the words of Shema boldly written in white letters on the front. For the ultimate in minimalistic design, there are angular shaped Mezuzah cases enhanced with a simple letter "shin" at the top. Another selection features a solitary crown decoration. A no frills Mezuzah case displays two elegant tracks cut into the aluminum. The plasma style Mezuzah case is a distinctive work of art.

The Mezuzah Message

Wherever a Jew travels, he can find a fellow Jew by looking for a Mezuzah case attached to the doorpost. It is the Jew's identity kit. We are confident that an Adi Sidler Mezuzah case will indeed strengthen feelings of Jewish identity and pride in our heritage.

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