Rosh Hashanah by Adi Sidler

Start off your New Year with these modernistic Rosh Hashanah apple and pomegranate dishes by Adi Sidler.

Rosh Hashana by Sidler

Rosh Hashanah and Honey

Rosh Hashanah is a solemn Festival when we spend many hours in the Synagogue. However, in spite of the preoccupation with prayer recitation and hearing the awe-inspiring Shofar sounds, the festive Holiday meal is still important. Chief amongst the symbolic Holiday food items, eaten at the meal, are honey pomegranates. Both the traditional Challah plaited bread and slices of apple are liberally dipped into the sweet honey, symbolizing our prayer and blessing for a good sweet year. The pomegranate, symbol of bounty, wisdom and purity, is usually cut up and the seeds are placed in a decorative dish on the table.

Adi Sidler

Adi Sidler is a young dynamic artist whose vision is to create traditional Judaica items in dynamic contemporary designs that meet the life style of modern young Jews. He creates items for the Jewish home in clean minimalistic styles without fussy decorations or overlays. He is innovative and dynamic and his creative Judaica items are held in high esteem worldwide.

Rosh Hashanah Collection

Adi Sidler offers us a choice of delightful dishes to use for serving honey or pomegranate seeds. A small glass circular plate sits neatly in a pretty apple or pomegranate shaped aluminum tray etched with Hebrew wording and decorated with colored stones. A favorite item is a stunning raised aluminum tray that holds two dishes. Note the affordable cost.

Looking for something different? Serve your Rosh Hashanah delicacies in style using an Adi Sidler scooping spoon, especially designed for apple slices and pomegranate seeds. They will add a special touch to your festive table.

Gift Item

AJudaica recommends Adi Sidler products for that special Rosh Hashanah gift for yourself or a dear one. Each item has a perfect design. Its timeless elegance ensures that it will be used again and again with pleasure and pride in Jewish tradition and custom.

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