Black Bucharian Hand Embroidered Kippah

By Judaica

Black Bucharian Hand Embroidered Kippah

By Judaica
  • Colorful and festive round Bucharan Kippah
  • Made from deep black sturdy fabric
  • Embroidered with a vivid floral leaf design
  • Round wide shape fits comfortably on head

Product Description

Now, you can also enjoy a low-cost Bucharan kippah, at one time worn almost exclusively by Sephardic Jews. Today, they are popular the world-over. You will find the round shape to be comfortable and the vibrant and colorful design will enhance any festive occasion. On a deep black background, an intricate green and red leaf floral design has been embroidered.
It is available in a choice of sizes.


Bucharian Kippah
Choice of sizes
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Measuring Kippah Size

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