Extra Large Yemenite Polished Shofar

By Israel Shofars

Extra Large Yemenite Polished Shofar

By Israel Shofars
$153.94 - $175.94
  • Extra-large curved polished Yemenite Shofar
  • Made in Israel. Certified Fully Kosher
  • Beautiful vibrant sound
  • Measurement refers to outside curve

Product Description

An awesome Yemenite (kudu) shofar of sound and beauty. You will enjoy its reverberating sound. When not in use, proudly display in a prominent place in your home. It is available in a choice of lengths: 40"-41" or 42"-43" or 44". The length is the measurement of the outside curve.
We carry a vast stock so your order will be dispatched immediately. Before shipping, it will be carefully checked again for sound and quality. Please note: the product you receive may vary slightly in color from the illustration.
Our free gift an informative Shofar Guide with guidance on blowing and caring for your Shofar.


Handmade in Israel. Fully Kosher
Undergone full sterilization
Yemenite Shofar (African kudu)
Choice of Lengths

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