Round "Home Blessing" Pewter Mezuzah

By Sty-IL

Round "Home Blessing" Pewter Mezuzah

By Sty-IL
12cm / 5"

Product Description

Here is an impressive silver colored Mezuzah case of pewter. Along the front is written “Birchat HaBayit”, a prayer for the home to be showered with good health, success and joy in all areas of endeavor. The letter “shin” in the center represents the name of G-d – a reminder that all earthly blessings emanate from Him.

This Mezuzah, made in Israel, has a ten year guarantee. It can be attached to the wall with the double sided tape that is provided or with screws in the holes at the top and bottom.

Note: the size given here refers to the size of the Mezuzah scroll that is appropriate for this case. The Mezuzah case itself is usually 1” larger.


SKU: SG-121731
Size: 12cm / 5"
Material: Pewter
Made in Israel

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