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An authentic sephardi tallit is hard to find in the Americas and you have them at a good price. Shipping was also affordable. I love it.
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Rab Hav 6/2023

The tefillin and talit and tefillin bags are high quality. My grandson's name in Hebrew and English makes this a very special gift that he will treasure. The quality and aesthetic of the design and lettering is excellent. Tracking told me it would be delivered for three different days before it actually was delivered.
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mikeb 10/2020

Iím overwhelmed. More beautiful than I expected and I didnít know if interim Rabbi would help me with blue Tzitzit and it came FINISHED PERFECTLY. As a new convert, I am so glad I found you
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Yael 10/2020

I am a high risk so I donít go out these days - certainly not to the stores. Your site was a gem. I did my shopping as if I was looking at the items in a Judaica store. I compared prices and most of yours were cheaper. So, I definitely plan to shop here again.

Ben 9/2020

I received a tallit from this company and had them add the blue thread at the corners. I am very happy with the tallit. The corner strings were so long but they are probably supposed to be. I am very happy with my purchase, It was easy to order and got to me in good time. I would definitely buy from them again and refer my friends to buy from them.
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Lori M 8/2020

I love the craftsmanship and detail in their prayer shawls/tallits and their prices are the best! I've already recommended them to friends who ordered. Will definitely order again.
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Izaya 8/2020

The beautiful Tallit for my daughterís wedding arrived today. Itís sure to become a family heirloom which I hope sees many happy occasions. Thank you for sending it by express mail so it arrived today, giving me one less thing to worry about.

Jill S., USA 11/2019

I just want to thank you for your perfect service! I was not expecting it so fast. Thank you!

Victor U., Switzerland 8/2019

This company shipped from Israel on time, reasonable price, and the product was as described.
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Lizthewiz 6/2019

Was recommended to me by my father who has previously purchased from aJudaica. The process was very straight forward and the selection was excellent. The order was delivered without delay and the prices were very reasonable fr the quality of the items
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danny 6/2019

Hi I've just received the parcel and wish to express full satisfaction for the service and quality, which is exactly how I wished. Many thanks and Sabbath Shalom Alfredo Myr

ALFREDO M. 6/2019

Thank you. I am very happy with the items received. The tefilin are perfect and the velvet bags are beautiful! Thank you

David D. USA 4/2019

Congratulations for your Fine Customer Service. Hi. I just want to say THANK YOU for the hospitality, your great attention and answering every question I had. Serving a client like me, just buying a Tallit on 10/26/2018, made me and my Wife feel honored.

David J 10/2018

The item arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful. My granddaughter is so excited with the prayer shawl and that it came from Israel. The delay was worth the wait..

H.B. 5/2018

My son was so pleased with his prayer shawl. Its beautiful. Thank you so much!

D.Y., USA 3/2018

I got it Thank you so much for sending it out so quickly. Its beautiful thanks (Elegant Gray Tallit Set by Galilee Silk) Dafna

Dafna C, USA 2/2018

I just received my order an hour ago and am very, very pleased with the quality and appearance. Everything is beautiful! I am so glad that I decided to order from your company. Thank you!

Jon S., USA 1/2018

Hi Ariel Thanks for bringing the talit to the hotel to exchange. Wonderful services. Much appreciate it

George M. 7/2017

I want to say "thank you" to your company for the beautiful tallit, I purchased and the fast delivery of getting it to me! My husband was very pleased with his gift! I will be recommending aJudaica to our friends.

Sarah G. US 6/2017

I am now in receipt of the above order and not only am I delighted with the quality of the products but must compliment your company on the sheer professionalism of the whole operation of dealing with you. The quality of the web site, responses to my enquiries, the ease of ordering, timely dispatch and totally transparent delivery details. Thank you and we shall have no hesitation in recommending your services to all

Robin C., Australia 6/2017
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