Havdalah Set by Shraga Landesman

Unique modern design Havdala Sets featuring doves, pomegranates and more, created by Shraga Landesman who celebrates nature in all his work.

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Showing 1-15 out of 15 items

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Handmade Havdala Sets by Shraga Landesman

What is Havdalah?

The word "havdalah" means separation. It is the name given to the poignant ceremony that divides the holy Shabbat from the frenetic rush of weekday living. This weekly ritual requires three items: a Kiddush cup filled with wine, as is the custom for all Jewish ceremonies; aromatic spices to revive us as the Shabbat soul departs; and a two-wick candle recalling the fire that Adam and Eve discovered by rubbing two stones together.

Shraga Landesman’s Havdalah Sets

Israeli artist Shraga Landesman presents us with a choice of impressive Havdalah sets that will highlight the Havdalah ceremony, adding a meaningful touch of dignity and respect to the ceremony. Classically simple, each item in his set carries a timeless beauty of form and design. You will find a dove, pomegranate and fish theme, each one reflecting the artist's passionate love of nature and the world of growth. His materials include wood, brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

A special feature of the collection is the choice of single or multiple items. You can purchase a complete set or buy the items separately. For the complete set, there is a choice of designs. Notice the aristocratic elegant goblet shape of the wine cup.

If you choose to build up a set by purchasing single items, you will enjoy the candleholder options - a pretty dove shaped design or a striking dual-color holder with elegant flowing lines. The spice holder also comes with a choice of designs. There is an option of two colors for the trays. The items carry cutout extracts from the Havdalah ceremony written in an ancient Hebrew font.

The Best Way to say Shavuah Tov

A Havdalah Set designed by Shraga Landesman set is a beautiful asset to any home – whether for yourself or for a young couple starting out their life together. It is an eloquent prelude to the traditional after-Shabbat words of greeting and blessing, Shavuah Tov – a good week!

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