Pendants & Necklaces by Adina Plastelina

Enjoy this lighthearted, whimsical jewelry painstakingly created by Adina Plastelina using the millefiori, or thousand flower process. Each item is lovingly hand crafted in many styles, sizes and shapes, perfect as meaningful and beautiful gifts for that special woman in your life.

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Showing 1-32 out of 60 items

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Adina Plastelin Necklaces

Meet Adi and Sami, the names behind Adina Plastelina. In their studio, located in the historic town of Jaffo, they design and create exquisite jewelry transforming polymeric clay, sterling silver and gold plate into breathtakingly stunning necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants. The name Adina Plastelina carries a timeless quality of beauty that is beloved by women all over the world.

Adina has revived the ancient millefiori process (Italian for a thousand flowers). Instead of the original glass that was used, she has adapted it to polymer clay which is painstakingly rolled, cut, baked and polished to form a mosaic finish. The final cover of tough enamel gives a gleaming finish to the item ensuring durability and long life.

Scroll through the aJudaica selection of Adina Plastelina pendants and necklaces. Her delicate and delectable color themes will speak to you of secret hopes and dreams - the beauty of a life enriched with fine jewelry. Each pendant is a work of art, throbbing with optimism and love. There is something for every taste and mood.

You can go for the Jewish themes. The ever-popular Star of David is given a trendy twist in her hallmark millefiori design. If you are a Chai fan, there are original interpretations that will surely put you on the road to good fortune. If the world of plants inspires you, you will be thrilled with the selection of pendants depicting delicate leaves, exotic flowers and mystical Trees of Life. Adina Plastelina talents are magnificently expressed with her butterfly and bird creations each one produced with a blend of shades and hues that will be immediately recognized as a unique creation. Her repertoire extends to ethnic themes and she offers us an Afro necklace or snake skins in a choice of colors and themes.

Whatever the occasion, you can purchase an Adina Plastelina pendant or necklace with confidence, knowing that it has been lovingly made by hand in Israel by artists who want every woman to look her best wherever or whoever she is.

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