Mezuzah by Adina Plastelina

Unique and unusual hand crafted Mezuzah Cases, millefiori design by Adina Plastelina, matching any decor, in striking colors and designs.

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Showing 1-8 out of 8 items

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Millefiori Mezuzah Cases

Wherever a Jew wanders in the world, he will be able to find a fellow-Jew by searching for a Mezuzah at the entrance to the home. Indeed, many a roving Jew has found refuge in far-flung countries through the Mezuzah connection.

The Mezuzah parchment is rolled and placed in a special case that is attached to the doorposts of the home. In keeping with the tradition of lavishing care and love on their Mitzvot, Jews have always ensured that objects used for a holy purpose are aesthetic and the most attractive possible.

So, it is entirely appropriate to single out the singular beauty of the Mezuzah cases created by Israeli artist Adina Plastelina. In her studio in the antique town of Jaffa, she has created a stunning selection of Mezuzah cases that are unique in their color and style. Each one is a vibrant piece of art that will add color and interest to your home and is sure to bring you lots of compliments.

Adina's technique is the revived ancient Millefiori process. Instead of glass, she uses polymer clay to create distinctive mosaic style designs that are richly colored and give an exclusive layered impression. Each Mezuzah case is handcrafted and individually made with a gleaming enamel finish that ensures long lasting quality. It comes in three sizes to accommodate the different lengths of parchment.

Enjoy the choice. You can step into the world of color with Adina Plastelina's cheerful mosaic style Mezuzah case. Maybe, try her Thousand Flower case, a motley of delicious colors that call out the freedom of spring. Why not get your guests to gaze with admiration at Adina's Leopard or Snake Skin or Hounds Tooth Mezuzah. For a more traditional color, go for her coral, turquoise or grey Mezuzah cases colors of charm and grace that will never age.

One final point the object of the Mezuzah case is the parchment inside on which the holy Shema prayer has been written in special script by a trained and experience pious scribe. The laws are complex and it is vital that your scroll carry a reputable seal from a recognized Rabbinical authority confirming its Kashrut.

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