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A diverse collection of Adina Plastelina Hamsas, Wall Hamsa, hand made Hamsa necklaces, silver and gold plated, and the most adorable Shema Yisrael Hamsa keychains! All in the unique thousand flower style!

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Showing 1-19 out of 19 items

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If you are looking for protection from the Evil Eye, why not wear Hamsa jewelry or add Hamsa decorations to your home. Scroll through the aJudaica collection of Hamsas from Israel's eminent jewelry artist, Adina Plastelina, and enjoy protection together with works of timeless beauty.

A Hamsa is an Oriental talisman reputed to ward off the Evil Eye and bring protection to the wearer and the home. Of ancient origin, they enjoy today a surge of popularity that match the growing interest in Kabbalah studies. The five-finger Hamsa hand with its open palm has mystical connotations and there are many who insist that it has brought them blessings and good fortune.

In her studio, tucked away in the side streets of the port town of Jaffa, Adina Plastelina has designed and produced a delightful Hamsa collection. They display her hallmark colors, radiating optimism and a love of life the best protection from negative spirits. Using polymer clay, she has revived and adapted the ancient millefiori process, creating stunning mosaic layer effects with silver and gold decorations.

You will find a selection of Hamsa pendants in shades of blue, purple, turquoise offering a choice of sterling silver or gold plate finish. The millefiori design gives depth to the pendant, adding to its striking beauty. For added protection, you will find a glorious blue colored Hamsa pendant engraved with the holy Shema prayer and Aaronic blessing.

Adina Plastelina offers protection for your home with a selection of Hamsa wall hangings decorated with the sacred Shema Yisrael, the first words of prayer a Jewish child learns to recite. On the reverse side is the traditional Prayer for the Home. These Hamsas are perfect Housewarming gifts and will enhance the décor of any room.

If you are looking for an exclusive gift, why not present a Hamsa key ring, displaying the rich colorful millefiori design, engraved with the Shema Yisrael prayer. In addition to storing keys, it will be treasured and cherished as an exquisite work of art.

An Adina Plastelina Hamsa conveys the joy of spring, the warmth of summer and the protection that everyone wants to feel in their home during the cold winter months. It is the perfect gift for someone special!

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