Star of David Pendants By Adina Plastelina

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Magen David Pendants by Plastelina

Adina Plastelina is one of Israel's most popular jewelry artists. AJudaica takes special pride to display her collection because each item is lovingly designed and produced in Israel. Adina's studio is located in the winding streets of the ancient city of Jaffa – the perfect backdrop for her exquisite colorful and imaginative jewelry items.

Using many polymer clay, Adina has perfected the ancient millefiori design. In Italian Millefiori means “a thousand flowers,” referring to the multi-faceted mosaic design originally formed from glass. Adapting the technique to polymer clay, she carefully rolls, cuts, bakes and then covers the final product with a sturdy layer of gleaming enamel which gives her jewelry the special charm that is its unique character.

In addition to her hallmark plant and animal themes, Adina Plastelina delights us with a choice of Star of David pendant designs. For many centuries, the six-pointed Star of David has been a symbol of Jewish identity. The two interlocking star shapes, found in ancient ruins and archeological digs, form together a symbol rich with mystical interpretations. Today, the Star of David, as it is called, is irrevocably associated with the State of Israel where it was established as the new country’s official emblem and an integral feature of its flag design.

The Star of David pendant has become a popular item of jewelry for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Worn as a proud expression of Jewish identity and loyalty, it is also a beautiful decorative item that enhances casual or evening wear.

Ajudaica invites you to enjoy the Adina Plastelina selection of Stars of David. They come in a choice of sterling silver or white gold framed designs. There is a selection of leather cord or silver chains. The Millefiori design adds color and charm, giving the Star a modern style and depth that unites old and new, tradition with contemporary art.

An Adina Plastelina Star of David pendant is the perfect gift, appropriate for every occasion. Whether you are purchasing for a dear one or treating yourself, you will wear it with pride and joy – a unique piece of jewelry handmade with love in Israel with love.

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