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Chanukah Preparatons

We all know that the secret of success is good organization. So, prepare for Chanukah in advance by making sure that you have all those extra’s you need for kindling the Menorah. Remember – you will need enough to last for eight nights for all members of the family lighting a Menorah.

AJudaica brings you a full selection of Menorah accessories…


If you use candles, you will find the inexpensive small size candles. For a more dramatic look, we recommend Safed’s dripless handmade colored candles. The magnificent blue and white shades are reminiscent of the State of Israel. Or, you can choose the multi colored stripe in a choice of glorious shades and hues.


The days of rolling cotton to prepare Menorah wicks are over. Today, just purchase aJudaica’s Floating Wicks - 50 cork floaters and a bundle of wicks thick enough to burn for the required time. Insert into the oil the wick threaded through the center in order to enjoy a gentle glowing flame. There is a choice of round or octagonal floaters. The difference is only a matter of taste not quality.

Still with the oil users, most Menorahs require glass inserts that fit into the candle holders. Ajudaica a set of nine glasses in two sizes. Full measurements are given so you can choose whichever size is more appropriate.

Matches & Lighters

Finally, don’t forget the matches – a small but vital part of your Chanukah kit. We offer a convenient pack of three boxes of matches decorated with the words Chag Samayach at the front. Or, be festive and order the large matches packed in a colorful box with the Menorah blessings, prayers and songs attached.

Looking for an elegant accessory or a pretty Chanukah gift - you will also find on our web site, a choice of Dorit Judaica decorative candle lighters made from stainless steel. It makes a gift that is attractive and functional.

Blessing Booklets

For a final touch we recommend the Menorah lighting prayer and song booklets. They are attractively designed, written in a clear easy print. These make wonderful Chanukah gifts.

All that is left is to wish you a wonderful Chanukah filled with happiness and the joy of the lights!

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