7 Branch Menorah

The seven branch menorah, or candelabrum, is one of the oldest symbols of Judaism. It is written that God himself revealed the design for the menorah. This seven branch menorah stood in the Tabernacle, and subsequently in the Holy Temple.

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Showing 1-32 out of 155 items

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Seven Branch Menorah Collection

The Seven Branch Menorah has become a dominant symbol of Judaism and the Jewish People. From ancient times until day, it represents pride and identity. It is more than an ornament. It is a symbol that will bring religious meaning to home, school or any place of public gathering.

At aJudaica, we have taken note of the growing popularity of this item and responding to the need, we have expanded our stock to meet every taste and pocket. Scroll through the category and you will find a wide choice - silver-plated, pewter, brass, nickel, enamel or other metals. Notice the choice of colors; shining or matte, copper, gold, bronze, ivory or silver. The results are impressive.

The size is important for our customers, particularly if it will be on display. So, for your convenience, alongside the illustration, the measurements are clearly listed. The choice ranges from small Menorahs only 4” in height high to tall impressive ones that are 29” high. Many items offer an option of sizes. So, you can choose whatever is appropriate for your need.

As you scroll through, notice the variety of designs. We have a number of classic unembellished Menorahs that are striking in their simplicity. Others are decorated with flowers, olives, leaves or other pretty designs. Many are adorned with the word Jerusalem and carry delicate images of the Old City. The twelve tribes design displays the symbols for each of the tribes. Prominent adornments are an elegant Star of David or the word “Shalom” meaning peace. An integral feature in all of them is the raised base giving height and additional grandeur. The branches are the classic curved shape although a few have angular branches.

Although most of the Menorahs are a one tone color - gold, yellow or silver – we have not forgotten those who are looking for a dash of color. Look for the Menorah with an oval blue stone that forms a pretty centerpiece on the main branch. Another one – small in size - has a striking blue color with a Jerusalem theme design or enjoy ivory colored enamel shining with sparkling stones.

Once you have chosen your Menorah, you will want to know how it can be kindled. To simplify matters, we have inserted a link with each size option, recommending the appropriate size of candle and displaying a selection of delightful colored decorative candles. Our readers welcome this and many purchase candles with their Menorah. The large size Menorahs can be kindled with oil and here too, there is a link to the wicks and glass inserts.

The first Menorah in history was made from gold, used by the Jewish people in their mobile Temple in the wilderness. The design was so complex that it was created by G-d and presented to the Jewish people. Through the centuries, it has remained the eternal symbol of the Jewish nation and today, it is the incorporated in the emblem of the State of Israel. Ajudaica is confident that whether you use oil or candles, the Menorah lights will always glimmer and shine brightly for you, bringing a message of hope, light and joy and reminding us of the strength of the soul and its potential to radiate light to the world.

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