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As the Jewish calendar unfolds month after month, we anticipate with joy the forthcoming Festival, each one with its unique sights, sounds and smells. Jewish holidays are beautiful opportunities for spending time with family and friends, enjoying the traditional foods, prepared according to each family's custom and heritage.


Israeli artist, Yair Emanuel, comes from a religious background and his colorful dynamic Judaica, reflect the culturally rich background of his childhood. His prodigious output, and endless creativity, cover every aspect of Jewish living. There is a Judaica item for every Holiday and every milestone in the life of the Jew.


Sweeten your Rosh Hashanah table with an Emanuel honey dish. The pomegranate shaped lid is sure to impress. Move on to Sukkot and store your Etrog in an elegant Emanuel wood etrog box. Celebrate Chanukah with an Emanuel menorah. There is a huge choice - traditional and contemporary. For younger (and older!) members of the family enjoy a delightful train Menorah and some gorgeous spinning dreidels. The Emanuel Purim grogger is as elegant as it is noisy. Finally, it is Pesach – time to decorate your table with Yair Emanuel's stunning Judaica. There are Seder plates, Matzah trays and much more – everything in the vibrant colors and hallmark themes that are forever associated with the Yair Emanuel tradition. For a Holiday item that can be used year-round, consider a striking Emanuel salt and pepper shakers.


The traditional greeting on a holiday is "Chag Samayach" – Happy Festival. In Israel, you will hear people saying this to each other well in advance – an exciting reminder that the Festival is on its way. Canaan-Online invites you to let Yair Emanuel say Chag Samayach by bringing the joy of the Festival to your table and your home.

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