Huppahs by Emanuel

A special Huppah for that special day, from Yair Emanuel. These hand painted silk Chuppas will surround you with Jewish scenes in stunning colors to create a meaningful, unique effect, a special gift for that special Bride and Groom.

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Huppahs by the Artist Yair Emanuel


The Jewish wedding canopy, a square piece of material, supported by four staves, is commonly called a chuppah or huppah. The bride and groom stand under this during the wedding ceremony and according to Jewish law, it is a condition for legalizing and recognizing the marriage.

The chuppah symbolizes the home that the groom and bride are about to build together. Open on all sides, it is a reminder of the kindness and hospitality that characterizes the Jewish home.


In the spirit of “hidur mitzvah,” beautifying articles used for rituals, the chuppah fabric is often velvet or heavily embroidered with decorative elements. Many Synagogues or wedding halls will provide the Chuppah wedding canopy. Others expect the bridal couple to make their own arrangements.

Whatever the reason, it is a beautiful custom for the head of the family to purchase a Huppah. It will become a treasured heirloom, to be used by all members of the family and passed on from generation to generation. A Huppah is an exclusive gift to present directly to a young couple or perhaps to a Synagogue.


Renowned Israeli Judaica artist, Yair Emanuel, offers us two exquisite Huppah designs. The first features wheat and pomegranates, symbols of growth and bounty, applique’d in shades of gold on a pure silk fabric. In the center are embroidered words describing the joy of the bride and groom. The second, also vividly colored, depicts a border of hand-painted colorful images of Jerusalem. The design is repeated in the center in the glorious harmony of colors that is the Yair Emanuel hallmark.


A Yair Emanuel wedding canopy will add an exclusive touch to the make wedding ceremony, adding depth and beauty to the most important day of your life.

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