Hamsas by Emanuel

Bring good luck into your home with the wall Hamsas from Yair Emanuel. With Judaica themes and oriental designs, you can choose between glass, wood or laswer cut metal Hamsas to enliven your home decor or as a meaningful house warming gift.

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Showing 1-32 out of 138 items

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Yair Emanuel Hamsa

What is the Hamsa?

The Hamsa hand, also known as khamsa and chamsa, is an ancient Middle Eastern protection talisman reputed to bring its owner luck, health, happiness and good fortune. The five finger palm symbol is usually displayed with two symmetrical thumbs but there are many variations. It is often decorated with fish, an eye, or other intricate designs.

Hamsa Gift

With the growing popularity of Kabbalah, Hamsas are becoming a sought-after decoration for the home or place of work. Whether you are looking for yourself or a dear one, a Hamsa amulet is a thoughtful and useful gift carrying a message of good luck and blessing. It will bring atmosphere to the home and is always an interesting conversation item.

Yair Emanuel & Hamsas

Israel’s famous Judaica artist, Yair Emanuel, offers us a comprehensive collection of Hamsas using a variety of materials, designs and decorative themes. Browse through. You will surely find the Hamsa that suits your style and taste. Each one is hand painted with the vivid and warm colors for which Emanuel is famous. And of course, they all carry his customary high level of quality and taste.

The Collection

You will find in the Yair Emanuel collection delicate hand-painted wood Hamsas covered with multiple layers of lacquer for a strong durable finish. Enjoy the variety of laser cut aluminum Hamsas with bright colorful designs. An innovative touch is the delicately embroidered silk Hamsas decorated with beads and crystals. You will also find a choice of study glass Hamsas.

Emanuel fills the classic Hamsa hand shape with a wide choice of colorful themes. His favorite is images of Jerusalem, the city where he lives and works. You will find many beloved traditional Jewish symbols together with Bible scenes. There are lots of birds especially peacocks together with floral decorations and magnificent pastoral views.

Your Choice

A Yair Emanuel Hamsa is a gift that will always be appreciated and enjoyed as a beautiful wall decoration and as an amulet reputed to bring protection, blessing and good fortune.

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