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The biblical command to attach fringes to the four corners of a tallit serves to remind us of our obligations to God and to fellow man. Choose from Ashkenazic, Sefardic, Yemenite, handmade or machine made tzitzit, light or heavyweight Techelet.

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Tzitzit Fringes and blue Techelet thread

Tzitzit are the fringes attached to the four corners of the Tallit Katan or Tallit Gadol, in accordance with the Biblical command, “You shall put fringes on the corners of your garment.” (Bamidbar 15:38).

Jewish law specifies how the eight threads inserted in each corner of the garment must be threaded and knotted. They should be checked regularly, especially after laundry, to check that they have not become unraveled.

All tzitzit must have a reliable Kashrut certificate to ensure that they have been made in full accordance with the halachic requirements. Most are made by hand although Ajudaica offers a package of sixteen machine-made tzitzit threads with an accepted certification. When ordering threads, there is an option of thick or thin threads in the Ashkenazi, Sephardi or Yemenite tradition. There are various customs on how to knot – Sefardi, Ashkenazi or Chassidic or Yemenite tradition.

Of special interest is the Techelet thread – the single blue thread used in ancient times to tie the tzitzit threads together. Since the source can no longer be verified, most people do not include a blue thread in their tzitzit. However, a sizeable minority follow the Rabbi of Radzyn who claimed that he had discovered the secret of the techelet. For those who follow this custom, aJudaica offers the techelet option. The threads are fully certified that they meet halachic requirements.

To ensure that your tzitzit remain sparkling white, Ajudaica offers a stain remover and whitener for your laundry, a Tzitzit Guard to protect the threads during the wash and a net laundry bag to keep the tzitzit separate. For long-lasting wear, it is preferable to wash the fringes by hand in lukewarm water.

Ajudaica wishes its customer the many blessings promised to those who are particular to wear their tzitzit.

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