Handmade Ashkenaz Thin Tzitzit

By Talitnia
Handmade Ashkenaz Thin Tzitzit

Handmade Ashkenaz Thin Tzitzit

By Talitnia
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Product Description

These handmade thin tzitzit have been made according to the Ashkenaz tradition. There are special laws concerning their preparation so a recognized Kashrut seal is essential. All our tzitzit have appropriate certification.

One of the reasons for wearing tzitzis is because the Torah says that through looking at the tzitzit we will remember all the mitzvot. One of the explanations given for this is that the numerical value of the word “tzitzit” in Hebrew is 600. Add to this, eight strings and five knots on each corner and you get the number 613 – the number of mitzvot in the Torah.

The bundle contains 16 threads (4 leading strings and 12 strings)


Material: Wool


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