Silver Plated 4-Piece Havdalah Set

By Hoshen Judaica
Silver Plated 4-Piece Havdalah Set

Silver Plated 4-Piece Havdalah Set

By Hoshen Judaica

Product Description

The departure of the holy Shabbat day will be fittingly honored with this distinguished looking silver-plated four piece havdalah set. The delicately shaped Kiddush cup, the spice box, the candle holder and the underlying tray carry an elegant attractive design.
If, for any reason, you did not manage to recite havdalah on Saturday night, you still have the chance until sunset on Tuesday evening of that week. This is because the first three days of the week still carry the spirit of the departed Shabbat. However, after Saturday night we do not use the spices or candles.


SKU: PL-X122
Cup: 8.5 cm/3.4"
Spice holder: 22 cm/8.5"
Candle holder: 13 cm/5.1"
Tray: 23 cm/8.7" circumference

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