Sefirat Ha'Omer Counting Magnet

By Malchut
Sefirat Ha'Omer Counting Magnet

Sefirat Ha'Omer Counting Magnet

By Malchut
10 x 29 cm

Product Description

Beginning on the second night of Pessach, we start the consecutive counting of “Sefirat Ha’omer” - the days and weeks leading to the Holiday of Shavuot 49 days later. If a person forgets at night, he may recite sefirat ha’omer the following day but without a blessing. If he omits to count during the day too, the chain is broken. He continues to recite daily but without a blessing.

With this pretty sefirat ha’omer wall chart you won’t forget to count. It will help you keep a record of the passing days. Recite the prayers on the chart and then read the counting for that day from the detachable page. Tear off the page and the chart is ready the following day.

Choose between Sefardic or Ashkenazic Sefard text


Size: 10 x 29 cm

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