David Gerstein Hanukkah Menorah

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Beloved Menorah

Every Chanukah, the beloved eight branch Menorah, one of Judaism’s oldest symbols, is lovingly lit by Jewish families all over the globe. It carries the message of Jewish identity that has resonated through the centuries. The history of the Menorah is the history of the Jewish nation.

Meet David Gerstein

One of Israel’s most celebrated contemporary artists is DAVID GERSTEIN. He lives and works in Israel but his works are of international renown. Ajudaica takes pride to present his dynamic Menorahs collection - a festival of color, conveying a vibrant love of life and all that it has to offer.

The Gerstein Menorahs

In his Brush Strokes Menorah, a pillar of vibrant and colorful paint splashes expresses movement and joy - the essence of traditional Chanukah family gatherings. If you are a Hamsa enthusiast, consider his two-hands Hamsa Menorah supporting the word “Shalom” – a Menorah that is as relevant as it is beautiful. Also on the theme of peace is the Menorah depicting an elegant white dove clutching an olive branch in its beak. Its blue and white color, carries a message of a yearning for peace in Israel.

Gerstein’s Menorahs reflect his love of all that flies. Butterflies is a glorious tribute to the graceful beauty of the fluttering butterfly, a comment on the changes of life. Doves in Flight features a group of birds flying together in strict formation, a reminder of the family spirit of Chanukah. The Birds Menorah, a splash of color, depicts birds sitting on tree logs - each bird exquisitely sculpted in a different color and shape – reflecting on the varieties of people and human nature.

It is meaningful to us that David Gerstein’s works are all crafted in Israel and autographed with his signature establishing that it is original and exclusive. They are intended for use with candles only and we refer you to our candle site where you can select the color and size of candles that meets your fancy. Easy care – after Chanukah, gently wipe clean. If necessary pour hot water to melt wax.


Whether you are purchasing a David Gerstein Menorah for yourself or as a gift, you can be reassured to know that this prestigious item will bring light and joy to your Chanukah celebrations and will also function as a stunning year round decoration on your display shelf.

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